Approved paint colors

  • Matched or similar colors from other paint suppliers are acceptable

  • Trim colors shown may be used with other body colors

  • Accent colors shown may be used with other body colors

  • Trim and accent colors cannot be used as a body color

  • Garage doors must be painted the same color as the body of the house

  • Porch ceilings must be white or natural wood

  • No two contiguous homes may have identical color schemes

  • When painting brick, you must go by the manufacturer's recommended prep coat for brick

  • An "Application for architectural change" form must be submitted on all external painting along with paint color samples

S.W. = Sherwin Williams   B.M. = Benjamin Moore

additional approved entry door colors

approved entry doors and sidelights

All entry doors and sidelights must be painted.  Stained wood doors are not approved

approved garage door and window styles

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