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  • The ACC does not accept emailed applications

  • All applications must be accompanied by complete plans, sketches, samples, color chips, and/or other applicable information. 

  • The signed approval by two members of the (ACC) is required prior to starting work on the proposed project. DO NOT START YOUR WORK UNTIL YOU RECEIVE FULL APPROVAL OF ALL WORK TO BE DONE. ANYTHING NOT EXPRESSLY APPROVED IS DEEMED DENIED.

  • This approval is valid for one year after the date of approval.

  • If 12 months or longer lapse before the proposed project is started, a new application will need to be submitted. 

  • The ACC shall have a minimum of 30 days from the date of receipt to approve this application. Notification of the ACC is required at the completion of the project.  The committee will inspect for compliance with the original application before granting final approval. 

  • All architectural changes must adhere to the Homestead Traditional Aesthetic Guidelines. 

  • The homeowner must notify the Business Office when work is completed via email with photos to  A package label from any roofing shingle product will be required upon delivery of shingles to verify the proper shingles are installed.

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