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You now have another option to pay your annual dues - online!

Please note: this is optional, if you'd like to continue to drop checks off at the office, you can ignore these instructions.

It’s as easy as clicking the link below and registering for our new online service called PayHOA. We are including the steps below:

1. Click the link:

You will see the below screen. Enter the email you would like to use to register. This is the email that will be used for you to correspond with the online system.








2. After entering your email, you will be prompted to enter your Full Name and Address. As shown on the screen below:
















3. This completes your request for an account! Your request will be validated and matched with the address the HOA has on record.


4. Once validated, you will receive a registration confirmation email to complete the setup process and log in to view your portal. That's all for now - more to come for paying your dues in 2023!

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