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Pool Party

Interested in having a party at the pool this summer?  Pool parties can be scheduled through Front Range Recreation (FRR), our pool management company.  Homestead offers two types of Pool Parties:  after hours events in which you have the pool facility to yourself for your group; and parties during regular pool hours in which you share the pool with other residents.  Parties during regular pool hours are limited to 20 people including swimmers and require that you pay for an additional lifeguard to be hired during your party.  Both types of parties must be scheduled on the FRR website at

Often residents think that if they are meeting several other resident families at the pool to celebrate a child’s birthday, they don’t need to make a party reservation because everyone involved is a resident.  However, when a sudden large group shows up to swim without making arrangements ahead of time the pool is unprepared and doesn’t have enough lifeguards to staff the pool safely. Even if your group is all fellow residents, a party needs to be reserved and a lifeguard hired so that the pool is staffed safely for all swimmers.   Homeowners who do not schedule parties during regular open hours but simply show up with a group, will be billed for a lifeguard by the HOA after the fact.  Please do the right thing and pay for the extra lifeguard.

To schedule a pool party at Homestead in the Willows, log on to and click on the tab labeled “Pools”.  Scroll down to the Homestead in the Willows pool you are interested in, complete the necessary forms and submit your request. 

                                                  You can also call Front Range at 303-617-0221

No pre or post season parties are possible due to lack of Pool staff to clean and guard the pools.

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