The original shutter on every house in Homestead was the Allegro Model wooden shutter manufactured by the Amato Shutter & Door Company.  The required shutter in Homestead continues to be the Allegro model or a shutter identical in style with 1 inch louvers and straight edges. 

Shutters should be sized so that if they were to actually close over the window, they would completely cover the window. Please measure carefully for the correct width and height.  Shutters from big box stores are not typically stocked in sizes appropriate for Homestead windows.  Shutters that are too narrow in width will be considered a covenant violation and homeowners will be required to remove them and replace them with the correct size.

When replacing shutters please take into consideration that custom sizes, order intervals and pricing may require advance planning.

The following companies can source the Allegro style shutter:


Home Depot                                         303-706-1500 x492                            wood shutter  Contact: Dale Norton

Timberlane (ask for LB1 model)         267-654-0116                                      wood shutter   Contact:  Craig Rosenwald

Adams Lumber                                    303-699-7060                                     wood shutter       

Chateau Shutters                                  303-761-4084                                     wood shutter        Contact:  Karen

Larson Shutter Company                     800-675-6555                                     composite material, painted

Legends Shutters                                 888-821-5234                                     composite material, painted

Pro Build Lumber                                303-791-3715                                     wood shutter        Contact:  Vic


Finally, before ordering, please submit your new shutters for approval to the ACC.  ACC change forms are available online at or from the mailbox directly in front of the Business Office Doors.

Revised June, 2020

ACC Advisor -- Shutters


Approved shutters are louvered, wood or man-made material, with straight edges and proportioned to the window. Board and Batten style shutters with 3 vertical panels and 2 horizontal sashes are also approved.  Vinyl is not approved.


Since windows vary in size, it is impossible to give exact dimensions.  The Business Office and the website have the original shutter size schedule used by Sanford when our houses were built.  The original shutters are wide, approximately half the width of the window they border. Imagine that if they were working shutters, if you closed the shutters on each side of the window, they would close over the entire window.


See the pictures below.  The windows are the same size, on the same model home.  One has the original correct-sized shutters, the other narrow, incorrect-sized shutters.  If you are replacing your shutters, they must be the correct size and you must submit an “Application for Architectural Change” form for approval.





Window with original, correctly-sized shutters.





                                                                                                           Window with incorrectly-sized shutters.

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