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Tennis Courts

   At Homestead in the Willows, we have a vibrant and inclusive tennis community. We have eight state-of-the-art tennis courts, that are only accessible to homeowners. There are courts at three different locations.


   The North Courts are located at 6767 E. Easter Avenue, the South Courts are located at 7035 E. Geddes Place, and the West Courts are located at 5896 E. Geddes Avenue next to our business office.


   The North Courts are the central hub of our tennis community. Homestead offers USTA league play for beginners to advanced players; as well as, team drills, private lessons and a USTA Junior Team Tennis Program all facilitated by our tennis professional. 


   Homestead in the Willows' residents are given keys for access to the courts upon moving into the neighborhood. Please refrain from providing keys to non-residents and follow all of the tennis court rules.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Jill Ellsworth at or 303.808.4513

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